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The home of gluten-free products with a gourmet appeal.
Just in time for Easter, our new online store makes it easy to get Les's Best gluten-free treats to add to your Easter baskets. We are delighted to announce that Les's Best now ships gluten-free delectables everywhere in the United States! Of course, we still support local delivery to San Francisco and most parts of Marin and Sonoma Counties. For local delivery or pick-up contact us at info@lesisbest.com or 415 446 8965.

Please see our Good from Good page. That way when you order online you can let us know to make a donation at no additional cost to you!

Les’s Best products are carefully made.  They are not too sweet because we use just the right amount of organic, unrefined cane syrup.  They contain sprouted and soaked organic nuts.  They are made with a proprietary gluten-free flour blend made from organic brown rice, organic white rice and organic potatoes.   Best of all - THEY ARE REALLY DELICIOUS!

Chewy and yummy grain-free, gluten-free Macaroons.

Crunchy, nutty gluten-free Biscotti.

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